Everwin Mobility

specifically focusing on electric mobility solutions.

Introducing Everwin’s advanced automotive engineering and design with state-of-the-art smart technologies and connectivity to revolutionize the future of commercial electric vehicles.



We are revolutionizing how products
are designed.

We’re making it possible to reduce costs and empower smart, efficient production. Everything we make is designed using a robotic assembly process from materials to component. We manufacture our own battery systems, which include a portfolio of new lithium-ion chemistry, to optimize specific energy and power for ensuring safety, environmental friendliness, rapid charging and longer lifespans.

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Electric Van


Electric Bus


Electric Truck

Track your vehicle any time anywhere

from a mobile device or computer

Everwin’s All Electric

Commercial Van






Everwin’s state-of-the-art commercial electric van offers iconic design and power to move you around with style, confidence, and reliability. A new name in the commercial electric vehicle industry. Everwin is committed to enhance your fleet operations experience and lead your fleet vehicles one step forward into the future.

Stay Connected

Next generation connected vehicles.






Your choice of tracking device can be Hardwired and Pre-Installed.


Track your vehicle any time anywhere from a mobile device or computer

Leading the roads

Class leading driving range of 269 km on a single charge with our 90 kWh battery system.

The right product for the right job

With our eVAN you run worry-free with just about any size and weight of goods thanks to it’s 6.7m large cargo volume and load carrying specifications.

True Canadian brand

First Canadian built commercial electric vehicle, and we’re ready, passionate, and committed to take your business to the next level. A reputable and trusted name offering full technical and service support.

Our eVANs are designed and built with quality and dependability, while also considering ease of maintenance and serviceability when the time is needed.

Real-time telematic data

With our advanced connected vehicle technology, you’ll be able to track your eVAN’s location, speed, battery charge, and other key features and parameters in real-time.

Moving Goods & People

Our vehicles and technologies create an integrated
transport ecosystem.

Welcome to the

Green Energy Era